Friday, July 8, 2011

iOS 6 Wish list

With iOS 5 our devices received many new features that were expected and a few that were unexpected but still useful. One thing that is on our minds now is what will Apple give us with iOS 6? If we know Apple we could probably expect some amazing new features as well as a bunch of less exciting but still needed features here and there. 

It is hard to consider iOS 6 with out taking into account the release of the iPhone 5 and maybe even the iPhone 6 for a 2012 launch, as the software features will probably collaborate with new hardware.

Things like the iPhone being on Sprint is rumored for a 2012 release so with that we should expect Sprints 4G network as well as full LTE connectivity. With this newly acquired speed Apple would have a lot to play around with as far as iCloud or anything else they have up their sleeves. 

Apple may or may not change the design from the iPhone 4 when they release the iPhone 5 but would probably do so for the iPhone 6.

FaceTime might receive a FaceLift (=P) with iOS 6. An HD FaceTime camera will probably be added with the iPhone 5, iPod touch 5th generation, and iPad 3rd generation to correspond with the Mac version of FaceTime. The iPad will probable get group video calls, and I would expect FaceTime to get pretty well integrated with iMessage. Who knows, with iMessage and FaceTime set up, Apple might work its way into the social network industry, it is like Apple to try to be in the cyber world as much as possible. This may or may not happen with the release of iOS 6, but I fully expect an Apple social network by iOS 7.

The new apps that Apple added will probably be tweaked as users have a chance to fully use them. Older stock apps might be improved also similarly so to what they did with the Mail app. Things like turn-by-turn directions is popular request for the maps app. A better comment system for the YouTube app is a big one too. The ability to reply to comments is needed, and if we can view videos in portrait we might as well not waste screen space and be able to see the comments.

The notification center will likely receive 3rd party widgets in either a later release of iOS 5 or iOS 6. So developers should be able to develop widgets and put them on the AppStore or maybe Apple will even make a new storefront dedicated to widgets. Another way they could integrate widgets is the way the integrated the newsstand app. A widget would appear as an icon and simple tap makes it visible but your still on your home screen.

Multitasking does its job very well but it could be better. Apps that don't support multitasking should just close and not show up when you press your home button twice. Also it would be nice to have landscape support with multitasking the way notification center does.

iOS 6 might also have Facebook integration the way it got Twitter in iOS 5, and depending on how Googles new social network Google+ goes we might get that also. In my personal opinion is that google+ is unlikely because Apple is currently "at war" with Google.

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